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  • TAP MAPLE SYRUP A fresh look at Vermont maple products. Package design for syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, pancake mix, maple fudge and lollipops. Yum!

  • VOXHAUL BROADCAST Show Poster for Los Angeles band, Voxhaul Broadcast.

    Sustainable redesign of Sharpie packaging using soy based inks and 100% post consumer recycled paper.

  • LAWN & ORDER Lawn and Order: A History of Grass and the American Dream. Book design assignment.
  • LOVE ON WHEELS Event poster for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.
  • HOW TO CLEAN OUT YOUR DESK Text layout exercise where we were given a body of text about overcoming creative block and asked to find the most effective layout for the meaning. I created a first aid kit.
  • ARCTIC NOISE Visual identity for fictitious music festival. Includes poster, voice changing iphone app, website homepage, tickets and special edition compilation record.
  • WALK A MILE Infographics assignment examining how data reads in different formats. I created three kinds of graphs showing the average time it takes residents in 10 international cities to walk 1 mile.
  • SELF PORTRAIT Digital collage including found photos and graphite self portrait.
  • PLANT IT. GROW IT. EAT IT. A guide to urban farming in the San Francisco Bay Area. Instructional booklet with projects ranging from a small herb garden to a full sized raised bed garden.
  • PATCH Assignment to create a journal for a specific interest group. Patch: Urban Greenery Journal documents innovative incorporations of nature into the metropolitan landscape.
  • SPEZIA Spezia is the Italian word for spice and that is what this modern take on a traditional amaro is all about. An up front American bitters with a touch of class.
  • THE WIND UP BIRD CHRONICLE Book cover design project for the Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I liked the idea of a simple diagrammatic illustration that hints at the complex nature of the novel.
  • SAN FRANCISCO CUCKOO CLOCK Three color screen-print, hand printed on birch plywood. Original illustration depicting the good ol' days at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
  • RITUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA Conceptual book about the rituals related to collecting records. Housed in a laser etched box it is designed to mimic the experiences of a vinyl enthusiast.